Vijayamatha starting digital schooling by introducing digital classrooms 
Vijayamatha Public School - Upgraded with New Builiding soon... 

Teachers with Mother superior


Main Building


Students encouraging teachers

VENTURA 2016, School Annual Day Celebration


Sports day march past

Student leaders

school sports day celebration

Kids school sports day celebrationperforming for 2012 Annual Day

VENTURA 2016, School Annual Day Celebration

Vijayamatha on Independence day

Students Perform

Thrupparappu trip

Students at Vivekananda Rock

Vision & Mission


To transform children into responsible citizens by providing appropriate environment, facilities and guidance to result in a healthy mind in a healthy body:

  • Development of knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Molding of character
  • Realization of value systems.


Provide the environment, facilities, teachers and guidance for a high quality education to the pupil of the remote corners of Kuttanadan peasant community.